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What to expect from your first visit

Hopefully you have now watched the treatment video and your mind is at ease but you may have a few questions about your first visit.

The bullet points below should help by guiding you through the first visit steps.  

  • A detailed case history will be taken.
  • An explanation of chiropractic will be given.
  • You may be asked to change into a gown and some orthopaedic and neurological test will be performed.
  • If the diagnosis is not clear or chiropractic is not the best course of action then alternative treatment paths will be discussed e.g. receive an x-ray / see another health professional.
  • Your second visit will be scheduled to go through your results, discuss your treatment plan and receive your first treatment.

Throughout your time at Derby Family Chiropractic, simple layman's language will be used whenever possible.

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