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"I had been plagued with unexplained numbness and dizziness in my left arm and shoulder. A barrage of tests showed there was no reason for the ongoing health issues. After a year of pain and a futile operation on my shoulder things were getting worse. Then a friend advised me to find a McTimoney Chiropractor. I found Stuart through a search engine on the internet, called and made an appointment for the following day. After just one treatment I felt better; after three more sessions much of my pain had disappeared.  
I maintain my health through regular visits to Derby Family Chiropractic."

Sarah N, Derby

"Just a note to say thank you. My neck is so much better & I'm certainly starting to see the benefit of some of the hints, tips & stretches. 
It must be doing me some good because I hit all 3 of my goals with the 10k race last Sunday, finished it hills & all (in full monsoon & thunder storm) , ran the whole thing without stopping or walking and well inside the hour which I still can't quite believe. 
See you in 6 months & thanks once again."

Sarah D, Staffs

"I was introduced to Mr. McTimoney by my wife Mollie. I first injured my back while doing my National Service in the mid 1950s but it did not become critical until the 1970s when I doing some heavy work at the Contractors where I worked and doing renovation work on our home.  I was in agony with lower back pain and hardly able to walk, a friend of mine recommended I see an Osteopath; this man’s treatment totally paralyzed my right leg I had to go straight to bed. The next day we called our Dr who examined me, and then later the same day brought a Spinal Specialist to examine me. He said he wanted me in hospital the next day and to cut a long story short I had a lamanectomy operation where the offending part of the prolapsed disc was cut away. For a time I was free of pain but within six months I was starting to feel pain again, at this time Mollie my wife mentioned my problem to Mr. McTimoney who told her he would treat me. On my first visit he told me the problem was long standing but if I would come every three weeks for six months he felt there was a good chance of success, the actual problem was that the vertebra each side of the disc were out of alignment. After less than six months I was back to normal and apart from visits to chiropractors when I felt I needed adjustment, which we all do at times, I am still active and working part time at 74 years. I have been treated by Chiropractors around the world in different countries where we have either worked or visited but I would always chose a McTimoney Chiropractor if one was available, believe me. I know."

Jim S, Derby

"Through a cousin of my husband’s I was first introduced to a Mr. McTimoney who had a practice in Banbury he is the originator of the McTimoney method of Chiropractic this was in the 1970s.I had suffered with neck and lower back pain since I was 16 when I fell down a bank at my home in Gloucester. After a course of treatment by McTimoney the problems I had experienced for almost twenty years were resolved, I have since been treated by chiropractors over the years as we all need adjustments to our skeletal structures. We always look for a chiropractor trained in the McTimoney method, which is a very gentle. We like to visit our Chiropractor when we feel the need, but apart from that, I keep busy on my Avon Cosmetic sales I am 73 years."

Mollie S, Derby

"Just a quick thanks you for looking at my back, leg and whatever else falls to bits.
Thanks you for not giving up on me and cheering me up too"

Jo F, Derby

"OMG! That was amazing!! Healing hands ;)"

Gemma A, Derby

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